Prostate Health

Don’t Ignore These Warnings

  • Do you have difficulty in urinating.
  • Needing to go to the bathroom a lot more bathroom trips during the night.
  • Is your relationship suffering.
  • Straining to urinate and also taking longer than usual.
  • All of a sudden wanting to urinate.  Straining to urinate and also taking longer than usual.

 If you answer yes to even one of the above, please go and see your doctor for a checkup. Take Super Beta Prostate, a safe and none-prescription product to support the health of your prostate and your overall health.


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The prostate gland is a tiny gland which is situated just beneath your bladder in the area of the rectum. Your urethra is actually the tubing whereby urine moves,  plus its encompassed by the prostate gland.

prostate health centerAmong the most typical issues with your prostate experienced by males below the age of fifty can be an swelling with the prostrate, referred to as prostatitis.

One other issue is actually prostrate enlargement (BHP) which is quite typical in males aged 50 plus.

Also males within this age range are more likely to develop cancer of the prostate.

The issue with the diagnosis of prostrate cancer lies with the simple fact that signs and symptoms resemble BHP and this particular health problem is extremely widespread in males as they get older.

Early prostrate cancer signs or symptoms are usually experienced because of a blockage with the movement of urine. This is due to the simple fact that the gland encompasses the urethra, so when it gets bigger, this obstructs and can make it hard to go to the bathroom.


Tests By Your Physician

prostate health centerIf you encounter any of the above signs and symptoms it is extremely vital to check with with your physician.

There are treatment options readily available which can assist you with these kinds of prostate-related problems.

Your doctor can verify if you have got BHP or even the suspected signs associated with prostrate cancer.

The doctor may carry out a DRE (feeling the prostrate by means of the rectum) or maybe PSA (Protein Specific Antigen)blood test.

The DRE is actually the initial check which your medical doctor will carry out. He will ask you to lie upon your side, with your knees pulled up.

He or she will then insert in a gloved, lubricated finger directly into your rear end in order to feel the prostrate gland. This is over extremely quickly and will cause practically no distress; it is simply the expectation associated with the examination which brings about any distress.

In the event that he senses that the prostate gland is actually irregular he will then order the PSA blood tests. These are essential in dealing and diagnosing any kind of prostate health difficulties.

Number One Cancer:

Skin cancer is actually the most common cancer in men, prostrate cancer is the next, and the actual odds associated with contracting this particular condition grow along with age.

As with any kind of sickness and also most cancers in particular, earlier diagnosis will be crucial. Because signs or symptoms tend to be similar to BHP there are actually no particular indicators that a man is actually suffering from this type of cancer.

As soon as you have seen your medical doctor and they have carried out tests upon you, they will send you to a urologist.

The urologist will take a look at you, nevertheless, they can only confirm the presence of the cancer with the help associated with a biopsy, as neither the PSA or DRE are exact.

This is not a major process and can easily be performed on an out-patient schedule. There is minimal distress and males are usually in a position to go back to normal within a couple of days.

PSA Test

With the introduction involving PSA screening, they have been in a position to identify and also deal with prostrate cancer much earlier than before.

Earlier prostate health treatment choices have proven to be extremely effective, they have much less side effects compared to the more extreme treatment options designed for advanced cancers.

There is certainly a connection involving many health problems and obesity, and prostrate cancer is certainly no different. It’s been estimated that in the US alone, nearly 90 000 deaths from cancer will be linked to obesity and therefore might have been avoided.

In fact becoming obese tends to make it much more harder to identify prostrate cancer. This delay of prognosis places over weight men at a lot more danger of dying from this condition.

This particular deduction was arrived through a recent multi – university research.  It suggested that physicians take additional care whenever investigating obese men particularly with regard to signs or symptoms associated with prostrate cancer.

The study discovered that when the body mass index (BMI) of a man rises, consequently an increase in size of the prostrate gland also occurs.

Attempting to locate the prostrate gland within an obese individual is extremely difficult. As a result it is therefore more complicated to diagnose a prostrate cancer in obese men.

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