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BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia can give symptoms that are uncomfortable or even painful to men.  This is the condition wherein the prostate becomes enlarged causing some pressure to build up in the tissues and other parts surrounding it.  In line with that, ProstateRelief is a supplement that is formulated to minimize the effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia such as painful urination, difficulty to control urination, and frequent urination especially during bedtime.

This prostate supplement got the 5th place because of its homeopathic nature and also because it only cures the symptoms brought by prostate enlargement and not the actual condition of BPH.  Also, ProstateRelief does not have enough ingredients that would prevent BPH from occurring and repairing the possible damages it caused.

About ProstateRelief As The 5th Choice For Prostate SupplementThough, it is undeniable that ProstateReliefe contains good ingredients to reduce or minimize the symptoms of BPH like the painful and burning sensation during urination.  The fact remains that this prostate supplement only has one ingredient that can possibly address in resolving BPH which is the Saw Palmetto.  The rest of the ingredients are noted to help in relieving the symptoms.

Another reason why ProstateRelief got the 5th place is because the manufacturer of this supplement is promoting other supplements in order to compliment a single product.  It may be a good strategy but it is disappointing to the part of the consumers because that would only mean that they will have to spend more in order to feel the promised relief.  The 1st choice for prostate supplement has everything in just one product.

The Position Of ProstateRelief In The Market

Because this supplement is homeopathic in nature, it would require the person to take bigger dosage everyday.  In fact, the manufacturer of ProstateReliefe recommends a person to take at least three (3) tablets which must be done two (2) to three (3) everyday.  With the dosage requirement, the manufacturer is simply saying that each person would have to consume 180 tablets in just 30 days.

About ProstateRelief As The 5th Choice For Prostate SupplementThe manufacturer sells each bottle for $47.95 which contains 125 tablets while a discounted price of $181.80 is given to those who will purchase a bilk of four bottles.  On the average, a person will have to spend $72.00 for this single product alone to keep up the recommended dosage; what more if they will buy other products that the manufacturer is recommending, they will have to spend more!

The Conclusion For ProstateReliefe As A Health Supplement

Based on the looks of it, ProstateRelief is a good supplement to provide those who are suffering from BPH some relief.  The thing is that the manufacturer would require the consumers to spend more on other products that they are offering in order to see and feel better results.  The supplement is obviously expensive.  It would be better if the manufacturer can come up with a product that has everything in one formula so the consumers would not need to spend more since all they are offering is relief from the BPH symptoms and not the actual treatment and prevention of BPH.

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